What to Expect

On arrival, our practitioner will take you through a full and thorough consultation that will examine the reasons why you are seeking treatment as well as identify any additional problem areas. The therapist will give a full explanation of the session and try and allay any fears that you may have in a reassuring and friendly manner. You will then be given a gown and disposable pants and asked to go to the toilet and empty your bladder, if possible, to ensure comfort during the treatment.

During colonic irrigation, you will lie on your side or back. You will remain covered throughout the session to ensure that your personal dignity is kept at all times. The therapist will insert a soft, disposable plastic tube into your rectum, which will remain in place during the entire session.

First, the therapist gently pumps a measured amount of body-temperature, filtered water into your colon. Then, the therapist may gently massage your abdomen to help release the impacted feacal material from the intestinal walls. Finally, the pump is reversed, and the water is gently vacuumed back through the same tube and into a closed waste system. There is no mess or foul odour.

The process is repeated many times during the session, which lasts about an hour. Approximately 20 gallons of water will be used, but unlike an enema, the therapy does not require any "race to the toilet" afterward, since most of the water is removed. However at the end of the session you will be asked to use the toilet to empty any remaining matter.

You may experience slight discomfort during parts of the treatment in the form of cramping similiar to the feelings associated with diarrohea. However your comfort is of utmost importance to the therapist therefore the session will be directed by your needs and altered accordingly to ensure your experience is a pleasant one.

The majority of people report feeling lighter, more energized and greater mental clarity after colonic irrigation. Others may experience nausea, headache, or flulike symptoms depending on their level of toxicity. These symptoms generally pass within a few hours, as the body rids itself of the toxins, and are helped along by drinking water following the treatment.

The number of suggested treatments depends on your reason for seeking out colon therapy. For general health maintenance, once a year is usually enough. However, if you have a chronic condition (such as regular constipation, chronic fatigue, or persistent digestive complaints), you may need several treatments within a few weeks.